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C.J. Cherryh is an American author known for her works in the science fiction and fantasy genres. She has written over eighty books, often exploring themes of human-alien interaction and cultural displacement.

C.J. Cherryh Books in Order

  1. Downbelow Station (The Company Wars, #1)
  2. Cyteen (Cyteen, #1-3)
  3. Foreigner (Foreigner, #1)
  4. The Pride of Chanur (Chanur, #1)
  5. The Faded Sun Trilogy (The Faded Sun, #1-3)
  6. Invader (Foreigner, #2)
  7. Inheritor (Foreigner, #3)
  8. Precursor (Foreigner, #4)
  9. Fortress in the Eye of Time (Fortress, #1)
  10. Explorer (Foreigner, #6)

Synopsis of C.J. Cherryh Books in Order

Downbelow Station (The Company Wars, #1)

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Cyteen (Cyteen, #1-3)

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Foreigner (Foreigner, #1)

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The Pride of Chanur (Chanur, #1)

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The Faded Sun Trilogy (The Faded Sun, #1-3)

The Faded Sun Trilogy by C.J. Cherryh is a science fiction series that follows the story of a human named Sten Duncan who is sent to an alien world to help negotiate a peace treaty between two warring alien species. The first book, Kesrith, introduces the reader to the mri, a warrior race, and their enemies, the regul. As Sten becomes involved in the conflict, he forms unexpected alliances and learns about the complex culture and history of the alien species.

In the second book, Shon’jir, Sten continues to navigate the treacherous political landscape of the alien world while struggling with his own internal conflicts. He forms a bond with a mri named Niun and gains a deeper understanding of the mri’s way of life. As the tension between the mri and the regul escalates, Sten finds himself caught in the middle of a dangerous power struggle.

The final book, Kutath, delves further into the intricacies of the mri culture and the impact of the ongoing conflict on both the mri and the regul. Sten’s journey comes to a dramatic conclusion as he grapples with questions of identity, loyalty, and honor while striving to bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict that has consumed the alien world.

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Invader (Foreigner, #2)

In the book “Invader (Foreigner, #2)” by C.J. Cherryh, the story follows the main protagonist Bren Cameron as he struggles to navigate the complex and treacherous political landscape between the human inhabitants and the alien atevi on the planet of the novel. As the human representative to the atevi, Bren is tasked with forging diplomatic alliances and understanding the atevi culture, all while also dealing with internal human political tensions. The novel delves into themes of cultural misunderstanding, trust, and the challenges of communication and diplomacy between vastly different species.

The sequel to “Foreigner,” “Invader” delves deeper into the intricate and precarious relationships between the atevi and the human settlers, as well as the internal power struggles among the humans themselves. Through Bren’s perspective, readers are exposed to the complexities and nuances of atevi culture, as well as the intrigues and dangers of political maneuvering. The novel combines elements of science fiction, political intrigue, and anthropological exploration to create a rich and compelling narrative.

As tensions mount and alliances are tested, “Invader” delves into the high stakes of inter-species diplomacy and the personal toll it takes on Bren as he navigates the conflicting loyalties and ethical dilemmas that arise. The novel continues the exploration of themes of identity, trust, and the consequences of misunderstanding, as well as the potential for genuine connection and cooperation between two very different societies.

Inheritor (Foreigner, #3)

Inheritor, the third book in the Foreigner series by C.J. Cherryh, continues the story of Bren Cameron, the human interpreter to the alien atevi. As the novel opens, Cameron is struggling with the difficulties of intrigue and politics in the atevi court. He must navigate the complex relationships between the atevi factions and their human allies, ensuring that the fragile peace between the two species is maintained. However, his job becomes even more complicated when a crisis arises that threatens the stability of this delicate balance.

The novel delves into the intricate world-building that Cherryh has created, exploring the deep cultural differences between humans and atevi. The atevi society is richly detailed, and the tensions between the various factions create a compelling backdrop for the political machinations that drive the plot. As tension mounts and alliances are tested, Cameron must use all of his diplomatic skills to prevent a potentially catastrophic conflict that could have far-reaching consequences for both humans and atevi.

Inheritor is a thought-provoking and complex exploration of diplomacy, cultural differences, and the challenges of maintaining peace in a world torn apart by conflicting interests. Cherryh’s masterful storytelling and richly developed characters make this novel a compelling read for fans of science fiction and political intrigue.

Precursor (Foreigner, #4)

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Fortress in the Eye of Time (Fortress, #1)

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Explorer (Foreigner, #6)

In “Explorer (Foreigner, #6)” by C.J. Cherryh, the story continues to follow the human diplomat Bren who is the only human familiar with the atevi, an alien species with whom humanity has made contact after centuries of isolation. In this installment, Bren is working to establish a new human settlement on the atevi planet, navigating complex political and cultural issues to ensure peaceful coexistence between the two species. However, his efforts are hampered by the presence of a human faction that is intent on undermining the delicate balance of power and potentially sparking a war between the humans and the atevi.

As tensions rise and the situation becomes increasingly precarious, Bren must rely on his intricate knowledge of atevi customs and politics to navigate the myriad challenges he faces. The novel explores themes of intercultural communication, diplomacy, and the complex dynamics of power and trust. As Bren strives to defuse the growing conflict and protect the fragile peace, he is also forced to confront personal and moral dilemmas that test his loyalties and integrity.

“Explorer (Foreigner, #6)” is a gripping and thought-provoking science fiction novel that delves into the intricacies of interspecies relations and the complexities of navigating unfamiliar cultural landscapes. Through its richly developed alien society and compelling characters, the book offers a compelling exploration of the challenges and rewards of diplomacy and the potential for understanding and cooperation across seemingly insurmountable barriers.

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Who is C.J. Cherryh

Currently residing in Spokane, Washington, C.J. Cherryh is a highly acclaimed author in the science fiction and fantasy genre, having won four Hugos and written over forty novels. In addition to her writing, she is also passionate about travel, photography, reef culture, and figure skating, with a goal of competing in the adult USFSA track. Her diverse interests also include Mariners baseball, sketching, cooking, and a love for the outdoors and animals. With a background in teaching Latin and Ancient History, Cherryh’s studies span from planetary geology to Roman constitutional law and bronze age Greek ethnography. She is constantly working and researching, with a variety of hobbies and interests constantly vying for her attention.

Author C.J. Cherryh

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What types of books does C.J. Cherryh write

C.J. Cherryh writes primarily science fiction and fantasy novels.

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