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Cathryn Hein is an Australian author known for her engaging and heartfelt romance novels. She has written numerous books, many of which are set in the beautiful countryside of rural Australia. Hein’s writing often explores themes of love, family, and the bonds that tie us together.

Cathryn Hein Books in Order

  1. Elsa’s Stand (Outback Brides Book 3)
  2. Heart of the Valley
  3. Heartland
  4. The Country Girl
  5. The Horseman’s Promise
  6. Rocking Horse Hill (Levenham Love Story, #1)
  7. Wayward Heart
  8. Summer and the Groomsman (Levenham Love Story, #2)
  9. Serenity’s Song (Outback Brides Return to Wirralong, #3)
  10. The Falls

Summary of Cathryn Hein Books in Order

Elsa’s Stand (Outback Brides Book 3)

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Heart of the Valley

“Heart of the Valley” by Cathryn Hein follows the story of widower Matt McSwain, who is struggling to keep his family farm afloat in Australia’s beautiful Hunter Valley. Matt’s life is further complicated when he meets Chloe, a sophisticated city girl who has come to the valley to uncover her family history. As they work together to solve the mystery of Chloe’s ancestry, they find themselves falling for each other. However, they must overcome their personal challenges and the disapproval of others in order to be together.

The book delves into themes of family, love, and second chances, as Matt and Chloe navigate their budding romance while dealing with their own past traumas. Set against the backdrop of the stunning Australian countryside, the story provides a vivid sense of place and a deep exploration of the complexities of rural life. With engaging characters and a compelling plot, “Heart of the Valley” offers a heartwarming and emotional tale of love and redemption.

Cathryn Hein’s novel is a captivating and poignant romance that will resonate with readers who enjoy stories of overcoming obstacles and finding love in unexpected places. With its richly drawn setting and relatable characters, “Heart of the Valley” is a compelling and satisfying read.


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The Country Girl

“The Country Girl” by Cathryn Hein tells the story of Tash Ranger, who returns to her family’s farm in rural Australia after her high-flying city career comes crashing down. Tash is grappling with feelings of failure and disappointment, but soon finds herself drawn back into the beauty and challenges of farm life. As she reconnects with her family and grapples with her complicated feelings for the handsome farmer next door, Tash begins to find a sense of purpose and belonging that she never knew she was missing.

Amidst the backdrop of the stunning Australian countryside, Tash must confront her past and come to terms with the mistakes she’s made along the way. With the help of her family and friends, she learns to embrace the country girl within herself and discovers what truly matters in life. As Tash navigates the ups and downs of farm life and complicated romantic entanglements, she learns valuable lessons about resilience, forgiveness, and the power of love.

Cathryn Hein weaves a heartwarming and uplifting tale of self-discovery, love, and the beauty of rural life in “The Country Girl.” Readers will be captivated by the richly drawn characters, vivid descriptions of the Australian landscape, and the emotional journey of the protagonist as she learns to find her place in the world. This touching and inspiring novel is a celebration of family, community, and the healing power of nature, and will leave readers feeling deeply moved and uplifted.

The Horseman’s Promise

“The Horseman’s Promise” by Cathryn Hein tells the story of two individuals, Cam and Sophie, whose lives collide in a small Australian country town. Cam is a skilled horseman and single father who is struggling to keep his family farm afloat after the death of his wife. Sophie is a city girl who has come to town to fulfill a promise made to her late brother. As she tries to adjust to her new rural surroundings, Sophie finds herself drawn to Cam and his young daughter, only to uncover a secret that could tear their fragile bond apart.

The novel delves into themes of grief, forgiveness, and healing as the characters navigate their own personal struggles and come to terms with their pasts. Cathryn Hein’s writing captures the rugged beauty of the Australian countryside, painting a vivid and evocative backdrop for the emotional complexities of the characters’ journeys. Through the exploration of family, love, and loyalty, the story ultimately celebrates the redemptive power of second chances and the resilience of the human spirit.

With its blend of romance, drama, and heartwarming moments, “The Horseman’s Promise” offers a compelling and engaging read that transports readers to the enchanting world of rural Australia while delivering a touching and uplifting story of hope and redemption.

Rocking Horse Hill (Levenham Love Story, #1)

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Wayward Heart

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Summer and the Groomsman (Levenham Love Story, #2)

Summer and the Groomsman, the second book in the Levenham Love Story series by Cathryn Hein, is a heartwarming romance novel set in the charming Australian countryside. The story follows Summer Ryan, a free-spirited fashion designer who returns to her hometown of Levenham for her best friend’s wedding. There, she reconnects with the handsome and reserved Harper Drummond, who is the groomsman for the wedding. As they spend time together, Summer and Harper find themselves drawn to each other despite their different personalities and aspirations.

The novel explores Summer and Harper’s growing attraction as they navigate their past and present struggles, including family expectations, career ambitions, and personal insecurities. As their romance blossoms, they must confront their fears and uncertainties to build a meaningful relationship. With vivid descriptions of the picturesque Australian countryside and compelling character dynamics, Summer and the Groomsman is a captivating tale of love, self-discovery, and the power of second chances.

Cathryn Hein skillfully weaves a romantic and emotional narrative, bringing to life the complexities of love and the importance of following one’s heart. Through her evocative storytelling, Hein captures the essence of small-town charm and infuses the novel with warmth, humor, and genuine emotion. Summer and the Groomsman is a delightful and heartwarming read that will resonate with fans of contemporary romance and lovers of feel-good stories.

Serenity’s Song (Outback Brides Return to Wirralong, #3)

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The Falls

“The Falls” by Cathryn Hein follows the story of Lara Montgomery and her return to her family’s cattle station in the Australian Outback following the death of her father. Lara is determined to sell the station and move on with her life, but the memories and challenges of running the property prove to be more than she bargained for. The arrival of a handsome American, Tyler Jennings, further complicates Lara’s plans as she finds herself drawn to him despite the secrets he is hiding.

As Lara and Tyler navigate their growing attraction and the challenges of running the station, they uncover long-buried family secrets and face the harsh realities of outback life. As they work together to save the station from financial ruin, they must also confront their own pasts and make difficult decisions about their futures. With the stunning backdrop of the Australian Outback, “The Falls” is a compelling story of love, loss, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Cathryn Hein’s novel beautifully captures the rugged beauty of the Australian Outback and the challenges faced by those who call it home. With a strong focus on family and the complexities of relationships, “The Falls” is a gripping and emotional read that will resonate with readers. Hein’s vivid descriptions and well-developed characters bring the outback to life, creating a rich and engaging story that will captivate fans of romance and women’s fiction.

About Cathryn Hein

Cathryn Hein is a bestselling author known for her rural romance and romantic adventure novels. She has been a finalist for the Romance Writers of Australia Romantic Book of the Year with her book Santa and the Saddler, and is a regular finalist for the Australian Romance Reader Awards. As a South Australian country girl, Cathryn has a deep love for rugged rural heroes who are as good with their hearts as they are with their hands, and it’s this passion that inspires her writing. Her romances are warm, emotional, and often feature themes that tackle the tougher side of life, but are always balanced with the charm of mischievous animals. Cathryn aims to make her readers smile, sigh, and perhaps even shed a few tears, all while feeling wonderful. Currently residing in Newcastle, Australia with her partner Jim, Cathryn enjoys golf, cooking, and spiritedly supporting her favorite AFL team, the Sydney Swans. Sign up for her newsletter to receive new release news, teasers, and access to her collection of heartwarming romantic short stories.

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