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Claudia Mills is an American author known for her children’s and young adult literature. She has written over 60 books that often explore themes of friendship, family, and growing up. Her writing is beloved for its relatable characters and engaging storytelling.

Claudia Mills Books in Order

  1. Zero Tolerance
  2. How Oliver Olson Changed the World
  3. Kelsey Green, Reading Queen
  4. The Lost Language
  5. Lizzie at Last
  6. Write This Down
  7. Annika Riz, Math Whiz (Franklin School Friends, 2)
  8. 7 x 9 = Trouble!
  9. Being Teddy Roosevelt: A Boy, a President and a Plan
  10. The Totally Made-up Civil War Diary of Amanda MacLeish

Summary of Claudia Mills Books in Order

Zero Tolerance

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How Oliver Olson Changed the World

“How Oliver Olson Changed the World” by Claudia Mills is a heartwarming children’s book about a boy named Oliver who is quiet and shy. He desperately wants to make a difference in the world but doesn’t know how. When his teacher assigns a project for the class to think of ways to change the world, Oliver feels overwhelmed. However, with the help of his mom and some encouragement from his classmates, Oliver starts to see that even small acts of kindness can make a big impact. Through his journey, Oliver learns that changing the world doesn’t always mean doing something big and grand, but can be achieved through simple, everyday actions.

The book is a delightful and relatable story that teaches children about the power of kindness and the importance of making a difference, no matter how small. It also encourages children to believe in themselves and their abilities to effect positive change in the world. With endearing characters and a heartwarming message, “How Oliver Olson Changed the World” is a great read for young readers who are learning about empathy, compassion, and the value of individual actions.

Claudia Mills does a wonderful job of addressing important themes such as self-esteem, friendship, and the power of community in a way that is accessible and engaging for young readers. The book offers valuable lessons without being preachy, and its charming story and lovable characters make it an enjoyable read for children and adults alike.

Kelsey Green, Reading Queen

Kelsey Green is a second grader who loves to read. She is known as a “Reading Queen” because of her passion for books and her impressive reading skills. However, her love for reading is put to the test when her school announces a reading contest. Kelsey is determined to win the competition but faces challenges from her classmates, including rival Emma, who is also vying for the title of Reading Queen. Throughout the book, Kelsey navigates through the ups and downs of the competition and learns valuable lessons about friendship and sportsmanship.

Written by Claudia Mills, “Kelsey Green, Reading Queen” is a heartwarming story that highlights the importance of literacy and the joy of reading. The book addresses themes of competition, friendship, and perseverance, all while celebrating the power of books to ignite the imagination and bring people together. Kelsey’s journey in the story is relatable to young readers who may have experienced similar challenges in their own lives, making the book an engaging and inspiring read for children.

Overall, “Kelsey Green, Reading Queen” is a delightful and empowering book that encourages young readers to embrace their love for reading and pursue their passions with determination and kindness. With its engaging narrative and important life lessons, the book is a valuable addition to any child’s library.

The Lost Language

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Lizzie at Last

Lizzie at Last by Claudia Mills is a heartwarming and touching story about a girl named Lizzie who has always been afraid to speak up and pursue her dreams. She has always struggled with self-confidence and has let others’ opinions hold her back. However, everything changes when she gets the lead role in the school play. With the support of her friends and family, Lizzie begins to find her voice and embrace her talents, ultimately discovering the courage to stand up for herself and pursue her passions.

As Lizzie navigates the challenges of middle school and her newfound confidence, she also grapples with the ups and downs of friendship and the pressures of academic expectations. Readers will relate to Lizzie’s experiences and cheer her on as she overcomes obstacles and grows into a stronger and more assertive young woman. The book beautifully captures the emotional rollercoaster of adolescence and the empowering journey of self-discovery.

Claudia Mills’ writing is engaging and authentic, capturing the complexities of adolescence with sensitivity and humor. Lizzie at Last is a moving and uplifting story that celebrates the power of finding one’s voice and the importance of staying true to oneself. It is a story of resilience, friendship, and the triumph of embracing one’s individuality.

Write This Down

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Annika Riz, Math Whiz (Franklin School Friends, 2)

Annika Riz, Math Whiz (Franklin School Friends, 2) follows the story of Annika Riz, a math-loving girl who struggles with public speaking. When her teacher announces a speaking contest, Annika teams up with her best friend as they work to come up with an award-winning idea. However, things take an unexpected turn when Annika’s competitive nature starts to affect her friendship. Throughout the book, Annika learns valuable lessons about the importance of teamwork and friendship, while also gaining confidence in herself and her abilities.

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7 x 9 = Trouble!

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Being Teddy Roosevelt: A Boy, a President and a Plan

“Being Teddy Roosevelt: A Boy, a President and a Plan” by Claudia Mills is a children’s book that tells the story of a young boy who is fascinated by the life and achievements of the former US president, Theodore Roosevelt. The protagonist, Riley, is determined to emulate Roosevelt by leading an adventurous and meaningful life. He creates a plan to embody the traits of his hero, including being brave, honest, and standing up for what is right. Throughout the book, Riley faces various challenges and learns important lessons about leadership and integrity.

As Riley navigates the ups and downs of his life, he draws inspiration from the experiences of Theodore Roosevelt, both as a boy and as a president. The book highlights the importance of perseverance, moral courage, and empathy, as Riley strives to embody the values of his hero. Through engaging and relatable storytelling, Claudia Mills delivers a heartwarming and thought-provoking tale that encourages young readers to strive for greatness and make a positive impact on the world around them.

“Being Teddy Roosevelt” offers an inspiring and empowering message for young readers, promoting values of leadership, courage, and compassion. The book celebrates the lasting legacy of Theodore Roosevelt and encourages readers to pursue their passions, overcome obstacles, and make a difference in their communities. With its engaging narrative and uplifting themes, the book is a compelling read for children and adults alike, affirming the enduring impact of Roosevelt’s values and the power of determination and integrity.

The Totally Made-up Civil War Diary of Amanda MacLeish

“The Totally Made-up Civil War Diary of Amanda MacLeish” is a humorous and entertaining novel written by Claudia Mills. The story follows the diary of Amanda MacLeish, a young girl who is caught up in the midst of the Civil War. Amanda’s diary entries detail her experiences and adventures as she navigates the challenges of the war and its impact on her family and community. With a mix of historical accuracy and creative storytelling, the novel provides a unique and engaging perspective on the Civil War.

As Amanda MacLeish’s fictional diary unfolds, readers are taken on a journey through the Civil War era, experiencing the hardships, triumphs, and everyday life of the time. Through Amanda’s witty and imaginative writing, the author brings to life the characters and events of the period, offering a fresh and entertaining take on historical fiction. With its blend of humor, drama, and historical detail, “The Totally Made-up Civil War Diary of Amanda MacLeish” offers an engaging and accessible introduction to the Civil War for young readers.

Claudia Mills’ novel offers a fun and entertaining way for readers to learn about the Civil War and its impact on individuals and families. Through Amanda’s perspective, the book explores the complexities of war and the resilience of the human spirit, providing an engaging and educational reading experience. With its lively storytelling and relatable characters, “The Totally Made-up Civil War Diary of Amanda MacLeish” is a captivating and enjoyable novel for readers of all ages.

Who is Claudia Mills

Claudia Mills, born in New York City in 1954, is a prolific author of children’s books including Nixie Ness, Cooking Star, 7 x 9 = Trouble!, and several others. She holds multiple degrees including a Ph.D. in philosophy from Princeton University and an M.L.S. degree with a concentration in children’s literature from the University of Maryland. After a successful career as a philosophy professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Mills transitioned to full-time writing in 2014. She currently teaches in the graduate program in children’s literature at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. Mills, also a mother of two sons and a dog named Tanky, has a unique writing routine, as all her books have been written between 5 and 7 in the morning while enjoying Swiss Miss hot chocolate.

Author Claudia Mills

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What types of books does Claudia Mills write

Claudia Mills is known for writing children’s books, including fiction and non-fiction stories for a middle-grade audience. She often writes about school, friendship, and family relationships.

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