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Clive Barker is an English author known for his dark fantasy and horror fiction. He has written over 30 books, many of which explore themes of the supernatural, body horror, and the intersection of reality and fantasy. His work often delves into the complexities of human nature and the idea of unseen worlds lurking just beyond our perception.

Clive Barker Books in Order

  1. The Hellbound Heart
  2. The Thief of Always
  3. Weaveworld
  4. The Great and Secret Show (Book of the Art #1)
  5. Books of Blood: Volumes One to Three (Books of Blood, #1-3)
  6. Abarat
  7. Books of Blood: Volume One (Books of Blood, #1)
  8. Imajica
  9. Cabal
  10. The Damnation Game

Summary of Clive Barker Books in Order

The Hellbound Heart

“The Hellbound Heart” by Clive Barker is a horror novel that tells the story of a man named Frank Cotton who becomes obsessed with solving the puzzle of a mysterious box which promises ultimate pleasure. However, he inadvertently opens a portal to a horrifying dimension filled with sadistic creatures called Cenobites. These beings are hellish figures who offer sensory experiences beyond human comprehension. When Frank is dragged into this realm, his brother and sister-in-law move into his former home and unwittingly unleash dark forces that threaten their lives.

The novel delves into themes of desire, obsession, and the consequences of seeking pleasure at any cost. As the characters navigate the twisted world of Cenobites, they are forced to confront their innermost fears and desires. The novel’s dark and visceral descriptions create a chilling atmosphere, drawing readers into a nightmarish reality where the line between pleasure and pain becomes blurred.

Barker’s writing is captivating and evocative, portraying a world where the boundaries between pleasure and horror are constantly tested. The novel has become a cult classic and inspired the iconic “Hellraiser” film series, drawing readers and viewers into a macabre and unsettling world unlike any other.

The Thief of Always

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The Great and Secret Show (Book of the Art #1)

“The Great and Secret Show” by Clive Barker is a dark fantasy novel that follows the story of a man named Randolph Jaffe who embarks on a quest to uncover the mysterious secrets of a hidden world called Quiddity. As Jaffe delves deeper into the secrets of Quiddity, he discovers the existence of a powerful and malevolent entity known as the Jaff, which has the ability to manipulate reality and shape the world according to its own desires. The novel explores themes of power, desire, and the nature of reality as Jaffe and others become entangled in a dangerous and otherworldly conflict.

The story also follows the character of Tesla Bombeck, a journalist who becomes aware of the existence of the secret world and its potential to grant immense power to those who can harness it. As Tesla delves into the mysteries of Quiddity, she becomes embroiled in a battle for control of the hidden realm, and must confront her own desires and ambitions in order to survive.

As the secrets of Quiddity begin to unravel, the novel leads to a climactic showdown between the forces seeking to control the hidden world, culminating in a breathtaking and epic battle that will have far-reaching consequences for both the characters and the fabric of reality itself. With its imaginative and thought-provoking exploration of the nature of power and reality, “The Great and Secret Show” is a gripping and immersive novel that will captivate fans of dark fantasy and speculative fiction.

Books of Blood: Volumes One to Three (Books of Blood, #1-3)

“Books of Blood: Volumes One to Three” is a collection of horror fiction written by Clive Barker. The book is divided into six volumes, and the first three are included in this collection. The stories in these volumes cover a wide range of horror themes, including ghosts, monsters, and supernatural phenomena. Barker’s writing is known for its visceral and graphic descriptions, making for an intense and chilling reading experience.

The collection includes several notable stories, such as “The Midnight Meat Train,” which follows a man who discovers a dark secret lurking in the New York City subway system, and “The Forbidden,” which served as the basis for the film adaptation “Candyman.” Barker’s writing style is often described as both horrifying and thought-provoking, as he delves into the depths of human fear and the unknown. His unique blend of horror and fantasy elements has earned him a reputation as a master of the genre.

“Books of Blood: Volumes One to Three” is a must-read for fans of horror fiction, and its impact on the genre has been long-lasting. Clive Barker’s storytelling prowess and ability to evoke terror and unease make this collection a classic in the realm of horror literature. With its unsettling and unforgettable tales, this book continues to captivate and disturb readers with its exploration of the darkest aspects of the human psyche.


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Books of Blood: Volume One (Books of Blood, #1)

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The Damnation Game

“The Damnation Game” by Clive Barker is a dark and twisted novel that follows the story of Marty Strauss, a convict who is given a chance at redemption by becoming the bodyguard and enforcer for Joseph Whitehead, a millionaire gambler who has made a pact with a powerful demon. As Marty fulfills his duties, he becomes entangled in a web of deceit, violence, and supernatural horrors as he discovers the true nature of his employer’s deal with the demon and the consequences it brings.

The novel explores themes of temptation, morality, and the consequences of making deals with dark forces. Clive Barker’s vivid and disturbing imagery creates a chilling and unsettling atmosphere that draws readers into a world of supernatural terror and moral ambiguity. As the story unfolds, Marty is forced to confront his own inner demons and make difficult choices that will ultimately determine his fate and the fate of those around him.

“The Damnation Game” is a gripping and thought-provoking tale that delves into the depths of human nature and the dangers of seeking power and salvation through forbidden means. Barker’s unique storytelling style and complex characters make this novel a haunting and unforgettable read for fans of horror, supernatural fiction, and psychological thrillers.

Who is Clive Barker

Clive Barker was born in Liverpool, England, to Joan Rubie (née Revill) and Leonard Barker. He studied English and Philosophy at Liverpool University and is known for his work in horror/fantasy. He has had significant relationships with John Gregson and David Armstrong, and has been honored with awards for his work promoting equal rights. Barker has also delved into movie production and is also a prolific visual artist. He is known for his distinct voice, although he has experienced health issues with his throat. Despite these challenges, Barker continues to be a leading figure in the horror and fantasy genres.

Author Clive Barker

Frequently Asked Questions about author Clive Barker

Clive Barker books transformations to the film

– The Hellbound Heart (1986) – adapted into the film Hellraiser (1987)
– Cabal (1988) – adapted into the film Nightbreed (1990)
– Weaveworld (1987) – in development as a TV series
– The Books of Blood (1984-1985) – adapted into the film Book of Blood (2009) and Hulu series Books of Blood (2020)

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What types of books does Clive Barker write

Clive Barker writes horror and dark fantasy novels, often with elements of the supernatural and grotesque. He is known for his vivid and imaginative storytelling and his ability to create unique and unsettling worlds.

How many books has Clive Barker written

Clive Barker has written 36 books.

What was the first book written by Clive Barker

The first book written by Clive Barker is “The Damnation Game.”

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