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Craig Davidson is a Canadian author known for his raw and gritty writing style. He has written several books, many of which explore themes of masculinity, identity, and the human experience.

Craig Davidson Books in Order

  1. The Saturday Night Ghost Club
  2. Precious Cargo: My Year of Driving the Kids on School Bus 3077
  3. Cataract City
  4. Rust and Bone: Stories
  5. The Fighter
  6. Sarah Court
  7. Cascade: Stories
  8. PICADOR SHOTS – A Mean Utility
  9. Too Much Dirt
  10. Oil In The Water

Synopsis of Craig Davidson Books in Order

The Saturday Night Ghost Club

“The Saturday Night Ghost Club” by Craig Davidson is a coming-of-age novel about a young boy named Jake who spends his summer with his uncle Calvin, a neurosurgeon who runs a paranormal investigation club called the Saturday Night Ghost Club. As Jake tags along on nocturnal adventures to hunt spirits, he learns about his uncle’s troubled past and the hidden darkness in their small town. The novel explores themes of friendship, loss, and the power of memory, as Jake navigates the complexities of growing up and the secrets that bind his family together.

The book is a blend of horror, mystery, and nostalgia, as it weaves together the present-day narrative of Jake’s summer adventures with flashbacks to key moments in his uncle’s past. Davidson’s narrative style is evocative and atmospheric, capturing the eerie and melancholic atmosphere of the club’s nightly excursions. Through Jake’s eyes, readers are invited to confront their own fears and uncertainties, while also reflecting on the enduring connections that shape our lives.

Overall, “The Saturday Night Ghost Club” is a poignant and heartfelt exploration of the bond between uncle and nephew, as well as a meditation on the nature of memory and the way our past experiences shape our present selves. It is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant read that will appeal to fans of coming-of-age fiction and supernatural stories alike.

Precious Cargo: My Year of Driving the Kids on School Bus 3077

“Precious Cargo: My Year of Driving the Kids on School Bus 3077” is a memoir written by Craig Davidson, detailing his experience as a school bus driver for a year. The book provides a glimpse into the unique stories of the children he transported, as well as his personal transformation during this time. Davidson shares the challenges and rewards of the job, including the relationships he developed with the children, their families, and the other adults in their lives.

Through humorous anecdotes and heartfelt reflections, Davidson offers a poignant exploration of the human experience and the power of empathy. He also delves into his own struggles and insecurities, and how his time as a bus driver helped him find a sense of purpose and belonging. The book ultimately celebrates the resilience and hope found in unexpected places, and the connections that can be forged through shared experiences.

Readers will be touched by the uplifting and thought-provoking narrative of “Precious Cargo,” as Davidson captures the essence of compassion, understanding, and the impact of the people we encounter in our lives. His storytelling invites reflection on the ways in which we connect with others and the profound effects of kindness and understanding.

Cataract City

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Rust and Bone: Stories

“Rust and Bone: Stories” by Craig Davidson is a collection of short stories that explore the gritty and often brutal lives of its characters. The stories delve into themes of love, loss, and survival, depicting the raw and harsh realities of human existence. Each story is a powerful and unflinching examination of the human condition, with vivid and evocative writing that brings the characters and their struggles to life.

The book’s stories are set in a variety of locations, from small-town Canada to the seedy underbelly of urban life. The characters are often flawed and damaged, but Davidson’s writing skillfully portrays their humanity, resilience, and capacity for both cruelty and kindness. The stories are both heartwrenching and hopeful, drawing the reader into the lives of the characters and leaving a lasting impression.

Overall, “Rust and Bone: Stories” is a compelling and intense collection that offers a visceral and authentic portrayal of the human experience. Davidson’s writing is unflinching and powerful, capturing the raw emotions and struggles of his characters with unrelenting honesty. The stories are beautifully crafted and deeply affecting, making this book a must-read for fans of literary fiction.

The Fighter

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Sarah Court

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Cascade: Stories

“Cascade: Stories” by Craig Davidson is a collection of interconnected short stories that explore the lives of a group of characters whose paths cross in unexpected ways. From an enigmatic circus performer to a troubled teenager, the stories cover a range of emotions and experiences, capturing the complexities of human relationships and the impact of personal decisions. Davidson’s prose is poignant and gripping, offering readers a glimpse into the darker aspects of life while also revealing moments of resilience and hope.

The book delves into the themes of identity, loss, and the search for connection, weaving together the stories of individuals grappling with their own inner turmoil and external challenges. Each narrative offers a unique perspective, shedding light on the complexities of human nature and the ways in which people navigate the trials of life. Davidson’s storytelling is raw and powerful, drawing readers into the lives of his characters as they confront their fears and desires in a world that is both harsh and beautiful.

Through its vivid imagery and compelling characters, “Cascade: Stories” presents a compelling exploration of the human experience, offering an intimate portrayal of the struggles and triumphs that define our lives. Davidson’s writing is evocative and rich, capturing the essence of his characters’ emotional journeys with depth and nuance. The book invites readers to reflect on their own experiences and contemplate the ways in which we are all connected, even in the most unexpected of ways.

PICADOR SHOTS – A Mean Utility

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Too Much Dirt

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Oil In The Water

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About Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson is a Canadian author known for his short stories and novels, published under his own name as well as the pen names Patrick Lestewka and Nick Cutter. Born in Toronto, Ontario, he was raised in Calgary and St. Catharines. His first short story collection, Rust and Bone, was published in September 2005 by Penguin Books Canada and was a finalist for the 2006 Danuta Gleed Literary Award. The stories in Rust and Bone have been adapted into a play by Australian playwright Caleb Lewis and a film by French director Jacques Audiard. Davidson also released a novel in 2007 called The Fighter, conducting extensive research for the book by going on a 16-week steroid cycle. To promote the novel, Davidson participated in a fully sanctioned boxing match against Toronto poet Michael Knox at Florida Jack’s Boxing Gym, and organized a similar promotional boxing match against Jonathan Ames for the novel’s release in the United States, losing both matches. His 2013 novel Cataract City was longlisted for the 2013 Scotiabank Giller Prize.

Author Craig Davidson

Frequently Asked Questions about author Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson literary works conversions to the screen

The adaptation of Craig Davidson’s books to the screen includes the movie “Rust and Bone” which is based on his short story collection. It was directed by Jacques Audiard and starred Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts. Davidson’s novel “The Fighter” has also been adapted into a movie titled “Fighter” directed by Philippe Falardeau. Another one of his novels, “Cataract City,” is currently in development to be adapted into a TV series. Davidson’s work has been well-received on the screen and continues to attract attention from filmmakers.

What types of books does Craig Davidson write

Craig Davidson writes a variety of books, including literary fiction, horror, and non-fiction. He has written novels such as “The Saturday Night Ghost Club” and “Cataract City,” as well as non-fiction works like “Precious Cargo” and “The Utility of Boredom.” Davidson has also written under the pseudonym Nick Cutter, producing horror novels like “The Troop” and “The Deep.”

How many books has Craig Davidson written

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What was the first book written by Craig Davidson

The Fighter by Craig Davidson.

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