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Cyril Hare was a British crime writer, best known for his detective novels. He wrote a total of 20 books, many of which revolved around the themes of murder, justice, and the legal system. Hare’s work is renowned for its intricate plots and well-crafted characters, earning him a place among the classic detective novelists of the 20th century.

Cyril Hare Books in Order

  1. An English Murder
  2. Tragedy at Law (Francis Pettigrew, #1)
  3. With a Bare Bodkin
  4. When the Wind Blows (Francis Pettigrew, #3)
  5. Tenant for Death
  6. Death Walks the Woods
  7. Suicide Excepted
  8. Untimely Death (Francis Pettigrew, #5)
  9. Best Detective Stories of Cyril Hare
  10. Death is No Sportsman

Overview of Cyril Hare Books in Order

An English Murder

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Tragedy at Law (Francis Pettigrew, #1)

“Tragedy at Law” by Cyril Hare is a classic murder mystery novel set in the world of the British legal system. The story unfolds in the fictional town of Ely, where a prominent judge is found dead in his chambers. A young barrister named Francis Pettigrew becomes entangled in the investigation while juggling his own professional ambitions and personal relationships. As Pettigrew delves into the mystery, he uncovers a web of deceit, betrayal, and jealousy among the legal community, leading to a shocking revelation about the true identity of the murderer.

The novel is known for its intricate plotting, vivid characterizations, and keen understanding of the legal world. Hare, a pseudonym for the British judge Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark, drew on his own experiences in the legal profession to create a richly detailed and authentic portrayal of the British court system. The novel’s exploration of the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by lawyers and judges adds depth and complexity to the traditional whodunit format, making it a compelling and thought-provoking read for fans of the genre.

“Tragedy at Law” is the first in a series of novels featuring Francis Pettigrew, and it introduces readers to a memorable and intelligent protagonist who navigates the complexities of the legal world with wit and insight. The book’s clever twists and turns, along with its shrewd commentary on human nature, make it a standout in the canon of classic British mystery fiction.

With a Bare Bodkin

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When the Wind Blows (Francis Pettigrew, #3)

When the Wind Blows is the third book in the Francis Pettigrew series by Cyril Hare. The novel follows the story of a perplexing murder investigation, driven by newcomer Detective Inspector Stoddart and the reclusive Francis Pettigrew. The plot unfolds in the quaint village of Morcomb, as the detectives unravel a web of secrets and deception within the small community.

The book delves into the complexities of human nature and the dark secrets that people strive to keep hidden. As the investigation progresses, Pettigrew and Stoddart encounter a cast of intriguing characters, each with their own motives and secrets. The novel keeps readers on the edge of their seats as the detectives race against time to solve the mystery and bring the murderer to justice.

Cyril Hare’s writing is a masterful blend of suspense and wit, keeping readers guessing until the very end. The novel is a timeless classic that showcases Hare’s storytelling prowess and his ability to craft a compelling mystery. With its richly drawn characters and intricate plot, When the Wind Blows is a captivating read that will appeal to fans of classic whodunits and detective fiction.

Tenant for Death

“Tenant for Death” by Cyril Hare is a classic murder mystery set in the English countryside. The story follows the murder of a wealthy and disagreeable landlord, J.G. Reeder. When a young tenant, Basil Gordon, becomes the prime suspect, his fiancée seeks the help of Francis Pettigrew, a barrister and amateur detective, to prove his innocence. As Pettigrew delves into the case, he discovers a web of complex relationships and hidden motives among the tenants and their wealthy landlord, leading to a dramatic and surprising conclusion.

The novel is praised for its intricate plot and well-drawn characters, as well as for its skillful depiction of rural England in the early 20th century. Cyril Hare’s writing style is lauded for its intelligence and wit, making the book an engaging and enjoyable read for fans of classic crime fiction. The novel’s exploration of class tensions and the complexities of human nature adds depth to the mystery, making it a compelling and thought-provoking read.

“Tenant for Death” is a captivating and satisfying mystery that will keep readers guessing until the very end. With its clever twists and turns, richly-drawn characters, and detailed depiction of English rural life, the novel is a must-read for fans of the genre and anyone who enjoys a well-crafted whodunit.

Death Walks the Woods

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Suicide Excepted

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Untimely Death (Francis Pettigrew, #5)

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Best Detective Stories of Cyril Hare

“The Best Detective Stories of Cyril Hare” is a collection of mystery tales written by the author Cyril Hare. The book features a mix of classic whodunits and clever puzzle mysteries, all set against the backdrop of English society. Hare’s stories are known for their intricate plots, subtle clues, and memorable characters, making this collection a must-read for fans of traditional detective fiction.

Readers can expect a variety of settings and scenarios in the stories, from country houses to legal offices, and a range of clever and entertaining detectives. Each story offers a new puzzle for readers to solve, with unexpected twists and turns that will keep them engaged until the very end. Hare’s writing style is characterized by its wit and intelligence, and his stories showcase his talent for crafting clever and captivating mysteries.

Overall, “The Best Detective Stories of Cyril Hare” is a delightful and engaging collection that offers a glimpse into the world of classic detective fiction. Whether readers are familiar with Hare’s work or new to the genre, this book is sure to entertain and challenge them as they attempt to unravel each mystery alongside the detectives.

Death is No Sportsman

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Biography Cyril Hare

Cyril Hare was the pen name of Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark, the third son of Henry Herbert Gordon Clark of Mickleham Hall, a merchant in the wine and spirit trade for the family firm of Matthew Clark & Sons. He spent his formative years in the country, learning to hunt, shoot, and fish, before attending St Aubyn’s, Rottingdean and Rugby for his education. He then went on to study history at New College, Oxford, where he obtained a first-class degree.

Following family tradition, Hare was called to the bar in 1924 and joined the firm of renowned lawyer Ronald Oliver, practicing in the civil and criminal courts in and around London. At the age of 36, he began his writing career, choosing his pen name from the places where he worked and lived.

Hare’s literary career started with short, humorous sketches for Punch magazine and articles in the Illustrated London News and The Law Journal. His first detective novel, ‘Tenant for Death’, was published in 1937 and received acclaim for its engaging debut. During World War II, Hare toured as a judge’s marshall, and these experiences formed the basis for his fourth novel, ‘Tragedy at Law’, published in 1942.

After becoming a civil servant with the Director of Public Prosecutions, Hare worked in the Ministry of Economic Warfare, using his experiences as inspiration for his writing. In 1950, he was appointed as a county court judge for Surrey. Despite his busy schedule, Hare was also a noted public speaker in high demand.

His literary output, which included nine novels, a collection of short stories, a children’s book, and a play, was hampered by the fact that he did not use a typewriter. Hare is best known for his enduring characters, Inspector Mallett of Scotland Yard and amateur sleuth Francis Pettigrew, who were featured in several novels. He passed away at the age of 57 in 1958, leaving behind a legacy in the mystery genre.

Author Cyril Hare

FAQs about author Cyril Hare

Cyril Hare literary works conversions to the screen

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What types of books does Cyril Hare write

Cyril Hare primarily writes mystery and detective fiction books, often set in the English countryside. He also wrote legal thrillers and courtroom dramas.

How many books has Cyril Hare written

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What was the first book written by Cyril Hare

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