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James K. Morrow is an American author known for his works that often explore theological, philosophical, and satirical themes. He has written over a dozen books, including “Towing Jehovah” and “The Last Witchfinder.” His writing style is characterized by a blend of intellectual inquiry and dark humor.

James K. Morrow Books in Order

  1. Towing Jehovah (Godhead, #1)
  2. Only Begotten Daughter
  3. This Is The Way The World Ends
  4. The Last Witchfinder
  5. City of Truth
  6. Blameless in Abaddon (Godhead, #2)
  7. Shambling Towards Hiroshima
  8. The Philosopher’s Apprentice
  9. Bible Stories For Adults
  10. The Eternal Footman (Godhead, #3)

Synopsis of James K. Morrow Books in Order

Towing Jehovah (Godhead, #1)

Towing Jehovah, the first book in the Godhead trilogy by James K. Morrow, is a thought-provoking and satirical novel that explores the implications of a world where God dies and the consequences of such an event. The novel follows the story of Anthony Van Horne, a disgraced supertanker captain who is given the monumental task of towing the dead body of God, who has taken the form of an immense, decomposing corpse, to the Arctic for a proper burial. As Van Horne embarks on this surreal journey, he grapples with his own faith, morality, and the ethical dilemmas that arise from towing the body of God.

Morrow’s novel delves into existential questions about the nature of God, faith, and the meaning of life. Using a blend of dark humor, philosophical inquiry, and intricate world-building, the author explores the absurdity and complexity of human belief systems and the consequences of God’s death on society. Through the character of Anthony Van Horne, readers are taken on a thought-provoking and often humorous journey that challenges traditional religious beliefs and prompts introspection on the nature of divinity and humanity.

Towing Jehovah is a unique and engaging novel that combines elements of satire, speculative fiction, and philosophical exploration. Morrow’s imaginative storytelling and deep, multifaceted characters create a compelling narrative that examines the intersection of religion, ethics, and human nature in a world where the death of God has profound and far-reaching consequences.

Only Begotten Daughter

“Only Begotten Daughter” by James K. Morrow is a satirical novel exploring religious themes and the nature of divinity. The story follows Julie Katz, the only daughter of God, who has been raised in the small town of Ypsilanti, Michigan. As she grows up, Julie grapples with her identity and the expectations placed on her as the daughter of the Almighty. The novel delves into her struggles with faith, morality, and the complexities of being divine in a human world.

Morrow’s novel uses humor and wit to critique organized religion, as well as society’s treatment of women and their roles in religious narratives. Through Julie’s journey, the novel examines the concept of free will, the nature of good and evil, and the power dynamics within religious institutions. The narrative is filled with lively characters and thought-provoking scenarios that challenge traditional beliefs and offer a fresh perspective on the nature of divinity.

“Only Begotten Daughter” offers a thought-provoking and entertaining exploration of religious themes, morality, and the human experience. Morrow’s sharp writing and imaginative storytelling create a compelling narrative that will both entertain and challenge readers. The novel is a unique and engaging work that offers a fresh perspective on age-old questions about the divine and the human condition.

This Is The Way The World Ends

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The Last Witchfinder

“The Last Witchfinder” by James K. Morrow is a historical fiction novel that follows the story of Jennet Stearne, a legendary witchfinder in the 17th century. The novel weaves together historical events and characters with fantastical elements, exploring the clash between rationalism and superstition during the Age of Enlightenment. As Jennet embarks on her quest to rid the world of witches, she encounters various historical figures such as Isaac Newton, Ben Franklin, and Voltaire, each of whom challenge her beliefs and ultimately influence her worldview.

The novel also delves into the history of witch hunts, exploring the societal and political factors that led to the persecution of supposed witches. Through Jennet’s journey, the novel raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of knowledge, the power of ideas, and the struggle for intellectual freedom. Morrow skillfully blends fact and fiction, creating a rich and immersive narrative that offers a unique perspective on a tumultuous period in history.

The Last Witchfinder is a thought-provoking and engaging novel that combines historical fiction with elements of fantasy and philosophy. Morrow’s storytelling is both captivating and intellectually stimulating, offering a compelling exploration of the clash between reason and superstition during a pivotal period in history. Through its colorful characters and rich historical detail, the novel offers a unique and enlightening reading experience.

City of Truth

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Blameless in Abaddon (Godhead, #2)

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Shambling Towards Hiroshima

“Shambling Towards Hiroshima” by James K. Morrow is a satirical novel that takes place in an alternate universe where the United States actually develops and deploys a giant radioactive lizard during World War II. The story follows Syms Thorley, a failing B-movie actor, who is hired by the US government to wear a rubber lizard costume and star in a propaganda film to demonstrate the power of the creature. As he rehearses for the role and bonds with the unsuspecting lizard, Syms begins to question the morality of using such a weapon.

The novel explores themes of morality, the power of propaganda, and the consequences of scientific advancement. Morrow uses humor and absurdity to address serious and thought-provoking questions about the ethics of warfare and the impact of technology on humanity. While the novel is set in an alternate history, it contains elements that are relevant to contemporary society and invites readers to reflect on the potential dangers of unchecked scientific progress.

“Shambling Towards Hiroshima” ultimately serves as a cautionary tale, warning against the dangers of using advanced technology for destructive purposes. Through the character of Syms Thorley, the novel challenges readers to consider the ethical implications of scientific discovery and the potential consequences of wielding such power. As Morrow navigates the fine line between satire and seriousness, he delivers a thought-provoking narrative that prompts readers to contemplate the moral responsibility that comes with technological advancement.

The Philosopher’s Apprentice

“The Philosopher’s Apprentice” by James K. Morrow is a thought-provoking novel that explores the ethical dilemmas surrounding artificial intelligence and the nature of humanity. The story follows the journey of a young man named Orf who becomes the apprentice to a brilliant philosopher named Thomas Abbadon. Together, they embark on a project to create a sentient being known as Aristotle, who possesses the ability to think and feel like a human.

As Aristotle begins to develop a consciousness and emotions, Orf grapples with the moral implications of creating a being that is capable of suffering. The novel raises questions about the responsibilities of creators towards their creations and the boundaries of artificial intelligence. As the story unfolds, Orf and Aristotle navigate through a world filled with ethical challenges, leading to a powerful and thought-provoking exploration of what it truly means to be human.

Morrow’s novel is a compelling blend of science fiction, philosophy, and ethical inquiry, offering a unique and deeply engaging perspective on the complex relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. The thought-provoking narrative challenges readers to consider the ethical implications of creating sentient beings and raises important questions about the nature of consciousness and the responsibilities of creators. With its rich philosophical themes and compelling storytelling, “The Philosopher’s Apprentice” is a thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating read.

Bible Stories For Adults

“Bible Stories for Adults” by James K. Morrow is a collection of humorous, irreverent, and thought-provoking retellings of biblical stories. Morrow uses his satirical and witty writing style to shed new light on familiar tales from the Bible, making them accessible and entertaining for adult readers. Through his reinterpretations, Morrow explores the absurdity, contradictions, and moral complexities of the Bible while also addressing contemporary social and political issues.

Morrow’s book challenges conventional interpretations of biblical stories and encourages readers to critically examine their beliefs and assumptions. The author’s irreverent take on well-known religious narratives provides a fresh perspective on the Bible and prompts readers to reconsider the meaning and relevance of these age-old tales in the modern world. While some readers may find Morrow’s approach controversial or provocative, others will appreciate the book’s humorous and thought-provoking insights into the enduring impact of biblical stories on Western culture and society.

By infusing biblical tales with humor and satire, Morrow invites readers to engage with the moral and ethical dilemmas presented in the Bible in a lighthearted and accessible manner. “Bible Stories for Adults” is a thought-provoking and entertaining read that challenges traditional interpretations of the Bible and encourages readers to reexamine the enduring relevance of these ancient narratives in contemporary society.

The Eternal Footman (Godhead, #3)

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Biography James K. Morrow

James Kenneth Morrow, born in 1947, has been drawn to writing fiction ever since he was a seven-year-old living in the Philadelphia suburbs. His literary journey began when he dictated “The Story of the Dog Family” to his mother, who faithfully typed it up and bound the pages with yarn. This early three-page, six-chapter fantasy still holds a special place in the author’s private archives. As an adult, Jim has produced nine novels in the speculative fiction genre, including the acclaimed Godhead Trilogy. His work has earned him prestigious awards such as the World Fantasy Award (for Only Begotten Daughter and Towing Jehovah), the Nebula Award (for “Bible Stories for Adults, No. 17: The Deluge” and the novella City of Truth), and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award (for the novella Shambling Towards Hiroshima). As a fulltime fiction writer, Jim resides in State College, Pennsylvania, with his wife, son, an enigmatic sheepdog, and a loopy beagle. Currently, he is immersed in writing a novel about Darwinism and its discontents.

Author James K. Morrow

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The first book written by James K. Morrow is “The Wine of Violence.”

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