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Philip Wylie (1902-1971) was an American author known for his works that often explored themes of science fiction, social issues, and the human condition. He wrote more than 50 books in his lifetime, spanning various genres including science fiction, social commentary, and non-fiction. Wylie’s thought-provoking writing and prolific output solidified his place as a significant figure in American literature.

Philip Wylie Books in Order

  1. When Worlds Collide (When Worlds Collide, #1)
  2. After Worlds Collide (When Worlds Collide, #2)
  3. Gladiator
  4. The Disappearance
  5. Tomorrow!
  6. Generation of Vipers
  7. When Worlds Collide / After Worlds Collide (When Worlds Collide, #1-2)
  8. Triumph
  9. The End of the Dream
  10. Crunch & Des: Classic Stories of Saltwater Fishing

Synopsis of Philip Wylie Books in Order

When Worlds Collide (When Worlds Collide, #1)

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After Worlds Collide (When Worlds Collide, #2)

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“Gladiator” by Philip Wylie is a science fiction novel that follows the story of Hugo Danner, a man born with superhuman strength, speed, and invulnerability. As he grows up, Danner struggles to come to terms with his extraordinary abilities and faces the challenge of living a normal life. However, he soon realizes that he cannot ignore his powers, and he sets out to use them for the greater good, becoming a modern-day superhero. As he fights crime and tyranny, Danner also grapples with the moral implications of his actions and the impact of his extraordinary abilities on his relationships and the world around him.

The book explores themes of power, morality, and the human condition, as Danner’s superhuman abilities both empower and isolate him from society. Through Danner’s journey, Wylie delves into the complexities of human nature and the consequences of wielding immense power. “Gladiator” is a thought-provoking and action-packed exploration of what it means to be a hero and the choices one must make when given extraordinary abilities.

Overall, “Gladiator” is an engaging and thought-provoking read that delves into the psychological and ethical aspects of possessing superhuman abilities. Wylie’s exploration of power and morality through the character of Hugo Danner makes for a compelling and timeless story that continues to resonate with readers.

The Disappearance

“The Disappearance” is a science fiction novel written by Philip Wylie. The story takes place in a small town in Illinois, where the entire population mysteriously disappears, leaving behind only their clothes and possessions. The protagonist, pilot and World War I veteran Brad, is on a flight with his wife when the event occurs. They land to find themselves alone in the world, with no clue as to what has happened.

As Brad and his wife try to make sense of the situation, they encounter various obstacles and struggles. They search for other survivors and attempt to find a way to reverse the disappearance, but are met with disappointment and disbelief. The novel explores themes of isolation, survival, and the fragility of human existence in the face of an inexplicable crisis.

“The Disappearance” offers a compelling and suspenseful narrative that keeps the reader engaged throughout. It raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of humanity and the consequences of unexplained events. Wylie’s writing style and the novel’s creative premise make it a captivating read for fans of science fiction and dystopian literature.


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Generation of Vipers

“Generation of Vipers” by Philip Wylie is a provocative and controversial book that offers a critical analysis of American society in the mid-20th century. Wylie explores various aspects of American life, including religion, politics, and cultural norms, and argues that these elements have contributed to the moral decay and dysfunction of the country. He discusses the prevalence of hypocrisy, conformity, and materialism, and highlights the negative impact they have on individual behavior and societal well-being.

The book delves into the concept of fear and its role in shaping human behavior, as well as the influence of mass media and consumerism on shaping public opinion and values. Wylie uses sharp and often scathing language to critique what he perceives as a decline in moral values and the erosion of individual responsibility. He calls for a reexamination of the values that underpin American society and challenges readers to confront the uncomfortable truths about themselves and their culture.

Overall, “Generation of Vipers” is a thought-provoking and challenging read that raises important questions about the state of American society and the forces shaping it. Wylie’s passionate and uncompromising critique offers a unique perspective on the challenges and contradictions of modern life, making it a valuable and relevant work for readers interested in social commentary and cultural criticism.

When Worlds Collide / After Worlds Collide (When Worlds Collide, #1-2)

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The End of the Dream

“The End of the Dream” by Philip Wylie is a thought-provoking novel that delves into the consequences of a war-torn world. The story follows a group of characters who struggle to survive and rebuild their lives in the aftermath of a devastating global conflict. As they navigate through the challenges of a post-apocalyptic society, they confront ethical dilemmas, political turmoil, and the human capacity for both destruction and resilience.

Wylie explores the complexities of human nature and the fragility of civilization in “The End of the Dream.” The novel raises profound questions about the nature of power, the pursuit of peace, and the ethical implications of technological advancement. Through richly developed characters and vivid storytelling, Wylie paints a haunting picture of a world on the brink of collapse, forcing readers to contemplate the potential consequences of unchecked aggression and the importance of empathy and cooperation.

With its gripping narrative and thought-provoking themes, “The End of the Dream” offers a powerful commentary on the human condition and the precarious balance between progress and destruction. Wylie’s skillful storytelling and keen insight make this novel a compelling and unsettling exploration of a future that may not be as far-fetched as it seems.

Crunch & Des: Classic Stories of Saltwater Fishing

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About Philip Wylie

Born in Beverly, Massachusetts, Philip Gordon Wylie was the son of Presbyterian minister Edmund Melville Wylie and the former Edna Edwards, a novelist, who died when Philip was five years old. His family moved to Montclair, New Jersey and he later attended Princeton University from 1920–1923. He married Sally Ondek, and had one child, Karen, an author who became the inventor of animal “clicker” training. After a divorcing his first wife, Philip Wylie married Frederica Ballard who was born and raised in Rushford, New York; they are both buried in Rushford.

A writer of fiction and nonfiction, Wylie’s extensive output included hundreds of short stories, articles, serials, syndicated newspaper columns, novels, and works of social criticism. He also wrote screenplays while in Hollywood, was an editor for Farrar & Rinehart, served on the Dade County, Florida Defense Council, was a director of the Lerner Marine Laboratory, and at one time was an adviser to the chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee for Atomic Energy which led to the creation of the Atomic Energy Commission. Most of his major writings contain critical, though often philosophical, views on man and society as a result of his studies and interest in psychology, biology, ethnology, and physics. Over nine movies were made from novels or stories by Wylie. He sold the rights for two others that were never produced.

Author Philip Wylie

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Philip Wylie novels adaptations to the film

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What was the first book written by Philip Wylie

“Gladiator” was the first book written by Philip Wylie.

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